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OK1BIL My ham radio career started in 2010. Czech Radio Club registered me as SWL on 8th November 2010 under callsign OK1-36349. I was listening to everything in air including commercial radio, air traffic and amateur radio. HF bands really took my interest. Especially when propagation allowed me to hear some DX stations around the world. QSL cards I received from foreign stations really motivated me to proceed with my new hobby.

Later in 2011 I passed the HAREC exams and I am now licensed as OK1BIL since 1st May 2011.

In September 2011, I joined local ham radio club OK1OUE. I took part in my first big contest, CQ WW SSB 2011, under our club callsign OK7O.

Jersey 2014

From 21st July to 27th July 2014 I was activating the island of Jersey GJ/EU-013 with a team of OK hams. Check out our Jersey 2014 DXPedition website.


Well, I had to change this part a bit as my interests changed while I discovered more and more “hidden corners” of amateur radio, HI, HI.


Building antennas is still one of my favorite parts of ham radio. Building your own transceiver these days might be a bit of a overkill unless you graduated in electronics engineering. But making yourself a great antenna is still same fun as 70 years ago. Nearly all antennas we have home and in the club are homebrew.

I enjoy homebrewing overall. I worked on some nice projects usually featuring Arduino, which is my favourite homebrewing platform. Some of the projects I made include new microprocessor controlled unit for HyGain rotator and remote Ethernet controlled antenna switch for our shack. And finally on a second try I was able to get myself in the air on APRS with TinyTrak.


Being a non-cw operator limited me to use of SSB and FM on the bands. As an IT guy I got quickly interested in digital modes. I started with PSK and later I proceeded to RTTY contests. I also like the fuzzy mode Hellschreiber, which is so much fun – unfortunately not many people do it. I also started to play with WSJT modes recently.

As I have a 6m antenna now I got really interested in this band. We can only use 25W in Czech Republic which is basically same or equivalent like in the rest of Europe. But I think 6m is not about power, it is about propagation. When the propagation is great you can make great DXes without enormous power. It is always fun to check the cluster 10 times a day watching for any sign of Es.


But sitting in the shack or soldering stuff does not make me happy when the weather outside is great. I like portable operation so I enjoy the SOTA program. That is the activity where you take your backpack, some portable radio and then you go activate some summit. I am usually active on 40m as this allows me to reach the chasers all around the Europe. Exceptionally I also activate on 2m, that is when I am too lazy to take the heavy HF equipment or when some interesting propagation like tropo is expected.


I studied electro technical high school in Pilsen. Then I proceeded to 3 year bachelor studies in Informatics on University of West Bohemia which I successfully finished with bachelor degree. Recently I finished 2 year masters studies in Distributed systems and computer networks.

I always had some specialized part time job while studying. I worked for a local ISP as network administrator for a long time. Then I worked some time as a PHP5 developer. Then I worked as IT Support for a local company which is making business in the entertainment industry. After finishing my studies a stayed with the company and now I work as networking engineer.

My QSL card



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